MX SILENT silent red axis: FILCO Feel can release the new Majestouch Convertible 2 “Saint” Bluetooth wireless keyboard

In order to meet the needs of noise-sensitive players, FILCO recently released the new Majestouch Convertible 2 “Sacred Hand” second-generation Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, using CHERRY mute MX SILENT cherry red shaft, the special noise reduction structure can effectively reduce 30% The knocking noise, so this version is suitable for noise-sensitive users or users who are worried about affecting others, and can reduce the noise interference to others in the morning. It is reported that this red axis mute version of the Majestouch Convertible 2 “saint” Bluetooth mechanical keyboard will be released soon.

The new shape continues the large F classic design, still compact and narrow frame and heavy feeling, using full-size 108 key layout, key cap material technology is not mentioned, no backlight, available in English and Japanese, keyboard size is 440 ×138 × 38.5mm, weighing 1.2kg. Equipped with Cherry MX SILENT cherry mute red shaft, the structure noise reduction process is 30% less noise output than the traditional MX mechanical axis, while the red axis feels linear and light, 45g acrylic number, 3.7mm short key stroke (±0.6mm), trigger key distance 1.9mm, can meet the needs of long-term gamers.

Other aspects, support for Bluetooth wireless connection, 2 AA 5 batteries can provide 6 months of long battery life (average 5 hours a day), comes with 1.8 meters long wire, also comes with a key puller and replaceable keycap.

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