Compact TKL solution: COOLERMASTER Cool Masters released MasterKeys MK730 and CK530 mechanical keyboards

Today COOLERMASTER released two mechanical keyboards, MK730 and CK530. The former is the simplified version of MK750’s TKL. The latter is an upgraded version of CK372. Both models are compact and the materials are designed with sincerity. Meet the needs of mainstream gamers. It is reported that MK730 and CK530 will be released in the near future, and the price is 119.99 US dollars  and 69.99 US dollars .

The two models are similar in appearance, all adopt the compact TKL scheme (87 keys), which is simple and succinct. In addition, the suspension shaft is adopted, the top cover is made of brushed aluminum, and the difference between the two is the edge design. The slightly positioned MK730 has RGB strips embedded on the side for better look and backlight playability. In addition, the MK730 is equipped with a detachable magnetic palm rest, made of high-quality PU leather and memory foam, which provides a good comfort for long-time marathon gamers.

Both models are equipped with Cherry MX cherry mechanical shaft, providing blue/tea/red shafts, promised 50 million tapping life, full-key no-rush, backlight can be customized by its own drive, also supports instant macro, Win lock Features such as keys and multimedia shortcuts.

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