Cherry ultra-thin shaft: FILCO Feel can launch Majestouch Stingray hand-held keyboard

The appearance remains unchanged, still the large F simple and compact design, no palm rest, non-suspended axle body scheme, the biggest difference lies in the thickness, because the shaft body itself is 5mm shorter, coupled with the shorter key cap, the actual overall comparison is adopted The standard shaft body “Sacred Hand 2” is shorter than a keycap height, and the body thickness is only 3.17cm.

Majestouch Stingray is equipped with CHERRY MX Low Profile cherry ultra-thin red shaft with a total keyway of 3.2mm, 45g pressure grams, and 1.2mm trigger for faster response. In addition, it is specially strengthened to have better durability, and is also a double-layer substrate with better stability. In other respects, it comes with 1.8 meters long wire, three wire guides at the bottom, the key cap material and character process are not disclosed, unfortunately there is no RGB backlight, but for big F this is not important.

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