Compact TKL solution: COOLERMASTER Cool Masters released MasterKeys MK730 and CK530 mechanical keyboards

Today COOLERMASTER released two mechanical keyboards, MK730 and CK530. The former is the simplified version of MK750’s TKL. The latter is an upgraded version of CK372. Both models are compact and the materials are designed with sincerity. Meet the needs of mainstream gamers. It is reported that MK730 and CK530 will be released in the near future, and the price is 119.99 US dollars  and 69.99 US dollars .

The two models are similar in appearance, all adopt the compact TKL scheme (87 keys), which is simple and succinct. In addition, the suspension shaft is adopted, the top cover is made of brushed aluminum, and the difference between the two is the edge design. The slightly positioned MK730 has RGB strips embedded on the side for better look and backlight playability. In addition, the MK730 is equipped with a detachable magnetic palm rest, made of high-quality PU leather and memory foam, which provides a good comfort for long-time marathon gamers.

Both models are equipped with Cherry MX cherry mechanical shaft, providing blue/tea/red shafts, promised 50 million tapping life, full-key no-rush, backlight can be customized by its own drive, also supports instant macro, Win lock Features such as keys and multimedia shortcuts.

MX SILENT silent red axis: FILCO Feel can release the new Majestouch Convertible 2 “Saint” Bluetooth wireless keyboard

In order to meet the needs of noise-sensitive players, FILCO recently released the new Majestouch Convertible 2 “Sacred Hand” second-generation Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, using CHERRY mute MX SILENT cherry red shaft, the special noise reduction structure can effectively reduce 30% The knocking noise, so this version is suitable for noise-sensitive users or users who are worried about affecting others, and can reduce the noise interference to others in the morning. It is reported that this red axis mute version of the Majestouch Convertible 2 “saint” Bluetooth mechanical keyboard will be released soon.

The new shape continues the large F classic design, still compact and narrow frame and heavy feeling, using full-size 108 key layout, key cap material technology is not mentioned, no backlight, available in English and Japanese, keyboard size is 440 ×138 × 38.5mm, weighing 1.2kg. Equipped with Cherry MX SILENT cherry mute red shaft, the structure noise reduction process is 30% less noise output than the traditional MX mechanical axis, while the red axis feels linear and light, 45g acrylic number, 3.7mm short key stroke (±0.6mm), trigger key distance 1.9mm, can meet the needs of long-term gamers.

Other aspects, support for Bluetooth wireless connection, 2 AA 5 batteries can provide 6 months of long battery life (average 5 hours a day), comes with 1.8 meters long wire, also comes with a key puller and replaceable keycap.

Cherry green axis, 7 rows with columns: Lenovo Lenovo ThinkPad red dot mechanical keyboard upcoming limited edition

On January 15th, Lenovo announced that it will soon launch a manual open mold mechanical keyboard for the ThinkPad seven-line red dot, model SK-8865, priced at $700, limited to 100 units. The product positioning and design of the ThinkPad series of small red dot mechanical keyboards have no rivals in the field, and there is no sense of tangled performance. Because the series of keyboards are launched for the niche people or ThinkPad fans, highlighting its brand image. The keyboard is inspired by the ThinkPad classic 7-line keyboard. Based on the super-user Wu Junyi and Qiu Junfu’s replica small red dot mechanical keyboard, it has been perfected and revised by engineers for 10 months.

It is equipped with the Cherry Green Axis and retains the TrackPonint Little Red Riding Hood pointing stick. The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy without stamping and CNC cutting. The mold is hand-made and the surface is treated by anodizing. The keycap is a retro Cherry ball cap from the 80s, ABS material, and an extra set of keyless caps. With the USB-C port wired connection, the starting price is a test of the soul.

Simple design, Extended Edition Ctrl key: ROG ROG released ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard

The unobtrusive, minimalist ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard will be officially launched at the CES show on January 8. The ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard features a brushed metal top cover with the ROG logo printed on the upper right corner. Suspension mechanical structure, full size 104 key arrangement. The shaft body is from the Cherry home MX RGB axis, providing red, tea, green, black, mute, and silver axes. There are six axes for players to choose from. Standard ABS laser engraved light-emitting keycap, and comes with silver W, A, S, D four-button transparent keycap.

It is worth mentioning that in order to improve the FPS game experience, the ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard uses the extended version of the Ctrl key, shortening the Win key and the space bar, effectively avoiding the occurrence of misoperations in the game.

 ROG Armoury II drive control, support button programming, built-in on-board memory, combined shortcut function, multimedia control, shield WIN, RGB lighting effect switch settings, greatly improve playability.

RGB keyboard detachable folding: ASUS ASUS released ROG Mothership GZ700 variant

At this year’s CES 2019 conference, ASUS brought a very special two-in-one notebook, the ROG Mothership GZ700, which is very similar to the large one. It is similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro design. It comes with a detachable RGB keyboard and integrates a large number of RGB illusions. Lantern effect, equipped with luxury equipped with Core i9 processor and RTX 2080 alone, suitable for gamers who have requirements for game performance, while considering portability. The official price has not been disclosed yet and is expected to be released in Q2.

The design is very special, with ROG LOGO and Maya texture design on the back bracket and front bottom, as well as RGB illusion backlight decoration, and the keyboard design is similar to the familiar “West Wind God”, using magnetic detachable solution. Also supports folding. The keyboard integrates a touch-sensitive numeric keypad, has RGB illusion backlighting, supports customizable backlights and multiple modes, provides backlighting for various game preset areas, and also alerts the game state through keycap backlights, such as blood slots and notifications,


Configuration, ROG Mothership GZ700 equipped with Intel Core i9-8950HK processor, equipped with 64GB DDR4 memory, RTX 2080 8GB customized version alone, equipped with 17.3-inch FHD screen, with a high refresh rate of 144Hz, with very good FPS dynamic game performance. In addition, it is equipped with 4 4W high-quality array speakers, double air duct heat dissipation structure, and active air outlet at the bottom. It has 12 luxurious heat pipes (8 GPU graphics cards + 4 CPU processors), which can suppress long time. Game cooling needs.

Cherry ultra-thin shaft: FILCO Feel can launch Majestouch Stingray hand-held keyboard

The appearance remains unchanged, still the large F simple and compact design, no palm rest, non-suspended axle body scheme, the biggest difference lies in the thickness, because the shaft body itself is 5mm shorter, coupled with the shorter key cap, the actual overall comparison is adopted The standard shaft body “Sacred Hand 2” is shorter than a keycap height, and the body thickness is only 3.17cm.

Majestouch Stingray is equipped with CHERRY MX Low Profile cherry ultra-thin red shaft with a total keyway of 3.2mm, 45g pressure grams, and 1.2mm trigger for faster response. In addition, it is specially strengthened to have better durability, and is also a double-layer substrate with better stability. In other respects, it comes with 1.8 meters long wire, three wire guides at the bottom, the key cap material and character process are not disclosed, unfortunately there is no RGB backlight, but for big F this is not important.

Cherry Silver Axis: Thermaltake released a Level 20 RGB mechanical keyboard from $129.99

At this year’s CES 2019 conference, the chassis and power supply company Thermaltake brought a high-end gaming keyboard – Thermaltake Level 20 RGB, positioned higher than the X1 star, with multi-region RGB backlight decoration, equipped with ChERRY cherry MX SPEED SILVER silver axis / green axis, emphasizing response speed, can meet the needs of high-end gamers. In addition, the Thermaltake Level 20 RGB and the Razer custom version, Razer fans can pay attention to the next. It is reported that the Thermaltake Level 20 RGB mechanical keyboard will be released soon, the silver shaft version is priced at 149.99 US dollars , the green axis version is priced at 139.99 US dollars (about 945 yuan), the Razer custom version is priced at 129.99 US dollars

hermaltake Level 20 RGB is simple and sleek. It has black and titanium gray color. It has 2mm aluminum alloy panel and a large RGB decorative back panel at the bottom. It supports 16.8 million color customization and also supports RGB backlight synchronization. In particular, there are split decorative light strips in the main keypad and function keypads, as well as RGB backlight effects, which can be driven by TT RGB PLUS or Razer Chroma.

Equipped with CHERRY MX SPEED SILVER MX silver shaft / green shaft, full-key no-rush, silver shaft has a faster trigger response, suitable for gamers, green axis is more suitable for everyday applications, editing office is a good choice. In addition, the Razer custom version is equipped with the Razer’s own green axis, which also has a good game performance.

In other respects, the integrated multimedia shortcuts in the upper right corner, as well as the metal volume adjustment knob similar to the American pirate ship, comes with 1.8 meters long wire, 3.5mm headset and USB at the tail, the driver supports custom button properties and macros, up to 6 files Configuration file.

Cherry MX/Thin Solution: Mad Catz Megale releases Strike 4 and Strike 2 gaming keyboards

At this year’s CES 2019 conference, Mad Catz released the new Strike 4 and Strike 2 gaming keyboards. The former uses the Cherry MX cherry mechanical shaft and has 16.8 million color backlit backlights. The Strike 2 is a thin film gaming keyboard. RGB Symphony Light Effects, both of which are aimed at mainstream players, will be officially released in the first quarter of this year, with white/black color matching, and the price has not yet been announced.

The two models have the same design, the lines are tough and angular, the integrated steel panel, the small palm rest on the bottom is printed and coated, and the full key layout adopts the suspension shaft scheme, which is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. Strike 4 uses the Cherry MX cherry mechanical shaft, full-key no-rush, promises 50 million tapping life, has 16.8 million RGB illusion backlight, all buttons can be set through the FLUX driver button properties, macro and backlight.

The slightly lower Strike 2 uses a thin film solution. The shaft reinforcement has a mechanical feel, supports up to 26 keys without punching, and the main mute noise reduction. It also has RGB illusion effect, adjustable backlight mode, speed and brightness, etc. Players who are not demanding. Both models are equipped with ABS two-color injection-backlit keycaps, with a non-keyline separation design behind them, supporting up to 1000Hz return rate adjustment.

Cherry dwarf shaft, 24000DPI: Cooler Master Cool Cool Extreme released the new SK series mechanical keyboard, MM831 wireless mouse from 119.99 US dollars

At today’s CES 2019, Cooler Master also released a variety of mouse and keyboard peripherals, including MM831 gaming mouse, SK621, SK631 TKL and SK651 three keyboards, of which SK621 with 65-key compact layout, the main Portability, SK631 TKL omits the numeric keypad, SK651 is a full-key layout, all three have a very simple and sleek design, using a floating ultra-thin cherry MX Low Profile RGB mechanical axis, also has a beautiful RGB illusion backlight.

It is understood that SK621 will be released in May this year, priced at 119.99 US dollars , SK631 TKL and SK651 are scheduled to be released in the second and third quarter, the price is 139.9 US dollars and 159.9 US dollars, while the MM831 mouse has not disclosed the specific price and release time.


The three keyboards are very slim and slim, the Cool Supreme SK621 is compact with a 65-key layout, the SK631 is 84 TKL, and the SK651 is a full-size key. The SK621 is more suitable for carrying or desktop space wired users. All three models use the Cherry MX Low Profile red axis ultra-thin mechanical shaft, which is shorter than the ordinary mechanical axis. The key is that the total key stroke is shorter, the trigger response speed is faster, and the optimization can bring more joy to the game player. In addition, with RGB illusion effect, custom backlight and RGB sync effect can be driven by Portal.

CES 2019: Lenovo Lenovo releases the Legion M500 RGB mouse and K500 RGB mechanical keyboard for $59.99

At this year’s CES 2019 conference, Lenovo also brought a variety of mouse and keyboard peripherals, including the Legion M500 RGB gaming mouse and the Legion K500 RGB mechanical keyboard, all with RGB illusion backlight, and the Legion M500 RGB with PMW 3389 sensor. The K500 RGB is designed to respond quickly and meet the needs of long-time gamers. It is reported that the two new mouse and keyboard products will be officially released in April this year, the Legion M500 mouse is priced at 59.99 US dollars , the K500 RGB mechanical keyboard is priced at 99.99 US dollars .

Designed for right-handed players, the Legion M500 RGB has an ergonomic design with integrated RGB illusion backlights for the week, wheel and tail. It supports custom backlight settings and is not sure if RGB backlight synchronization is supported. In addition, there is a counterweight system at the bottom, equipped with Teflon foot stickers. The Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor is used with a maximum of 16000 dpi, 50G acceleration and 400 IPS tracking accuracy. All buttons are ultra-durable Omron micro-motion and support programming customization.