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MX SILENT silent red axis: FILCO Feel can release the new Majestouch Convertible 2 “Saint” Bluetooth wireless keyboard

In order to meet the needs of noise-sensitive players, FILCO recently released the new Majestouch Convertible 2 “Sacred Hand” second-generation Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, using CHERRY mute MX SILENT cherry red shaft, the special noise reduction structure can effectively reduce 30% The knocking noise, so this version is suitable for noise-sensitive users or users who are […]

Cherry dwarf shaft, 24000DPI: Cooler Master Cool Cool Extreme released the new SK series mechanical keyboard, MM831 wireless mouse from 119.99 US dollars

At today’s CES 2019, Cooler Master also released a variety of mouse and keyboard peripherals, including MM831 gaming mouse, SK621, SK631 TKL and SK651 three keyboards, of which SK621 with 65-key compact layout, the main Portability, SK631 TKL omits the numeric keypad, SK651 is a full-key layout, all three have a very simple and sleek […]