Cherry green axis, 7 rows with columns: Lenovo Lenovo ThinkPad red dot mechanical keyboard upcoming limited edition

On January 15th, Lenovo announced that it will soon launch a manual open mold mechanical keyboard for the ThinkPad seven-line red dot, model SK-8865, priced at $700, limited to 100 units. The product positioning and design of the ThinkPad series of small red dot mechanical keyboards have no rivals in the field, and there is no sense of tangled performance. Because the series of keyboards are launched for the niche people or ThinkPad fans, highlighting its brand image. The keyboard is inspired by the ThinkPad classic 7-line keyboard. Based on the super-user Wu Junyi and Qiu Junfu’s replica small red dot mechanical keyboard, it has been perfected and revised by engineers for 10 months.

It is equipped with the Cherry Green Axis and retains the TrackPonint Little Red Riding Hood pointing stick. The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy without stamping and CNC cutting. The mold is hand-made and the surface is treated by anodizing. The keycap is a retro Cherry ball cap from the 80s, ABS material, and an extra set of keyless caps. With the USB-C port wired connection, the starting price is a test of the soul.

Simple design, Extended Edition Ctrl key: ROG ROG released ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard

The unobtrusive, minimalist ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard will be officially launched at the CES show on January 8. The ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard features a brushed metal top cover with the ROG logo printed on the upper right corner. Suspension mechanical structure, full size 104 key arrangement. The shaft body is from the Cherry home MX RGB axis, providing red, tea, green, black, mute, and silver axes. There are six axes for players to choose from. Standard ABS laser engraved light-emitting keycap, and comes with silver W, A, S, D four-button transparent keycap.

It is worth mentioning that in order to improve the FPS game experience, the ROG STRIX CTRL mechanical keyboard uses the extended version of the Ctrl key, shortening the Win key and the space bar, effectively avoiding the occurrence of misoperations in the game.

 ROG Armoury II drive control, support button programming, built-in on-board memory, combined shortcut function, multimedia control, shield WIN, RGB lighting effect switch settings, greatly improve playability.